We are thrilled the doors of the new Sudbury History Center and Museum are now open to the public.

Operating hours are: Monday-Friday 10am-4pm, Saturday 1-4pm and closed on holidays.

Social distancing in the galleries is encouraged when visiting the museum and gift shop.

If you have any questions on booking your tour please contact Rachael Robinson at 978-443-3747 or by email at director@sudbury01776.org. We look forward to seeing you in person soon!

July 11, 6:30 - 8:30 PMAnnual Meeting

Come join us for our Annual Meeting which will be a bit different this year as we will be allowing our members a view of our newly organized and digitized archives!

If you have always wondered what unique artifacts, papers and objects are hidden away upstairs at the Loring Parsonage, then make sure to come for a sneak peek of our vast collections.

We will feature a brief presentation by SHS Archivist Francesco Buccella about the digitization work he's been doing to get our collections entirely online! His work has been generously funded by a multiple-year grant from the Sudbury Foundation.

Following the presentation, small group tours will take place in both the archives as well as an overview of our exciting exhibit, Sudbury's Changing Landscape, by Executive Director, Rachael Robinson.

Details and Registration

Open NowSudbury's Changing Landscape

The new exhibit Sudbury‘s Changing Landscape will enthrall the visitor with stunning interactive displays, and beautiful graphic displays that exemplify how Sudbury has come to be the beautiful town that it is today. From ice covered landscapes, indigenous tribal lifeways, to new farming settlements, this first phase of our two part exhibit, Sudbury’s Changing Landscape Glaciers-1780 paints a picture of an ever changing environment.

Pop-Up ExhibitFrom The Archives

Now on display at the Sudbury History Center and Museum is the Sudbury Boston Post Cane! In 1909, Edwin Atkins Grozier—then owner of the Boston Post newspaper—established the Boston Post Cane prize to honor the oldest inhabitant in towns across Massachusetts. Identical canes made of ebony with fourteen-carat gold handles, each inscribed with town names, were commissioned by Grozier. In that year, Sudbury received its edition of the cane and William Phelps Jones (1820-1911) became its first recipient.

Visit our Baggott Gallery at the Loring Parsonage to see the cane in-person and to learn more about its history! Illustrated through material from the Sudbury Historical Society collections, recipients of the cane from its earliest years through present-day are highlighted. Notable prize winners included the artist, Florence Hosmer (1880-1978), as well as centenarians such as Tolla Paulsen (1885-1990) and Dorothy Piper (1902-2007). The display continues to honor these exceptional individuals from the Town of Sudbury.

SHS Newsletter
Year in Review 2023

SHS Newsletter Year in Review 2023

Catch up on what we've accomplished in 2023. We had programs, fundraisers, and new exhibits. And our collections went online!

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Our Collections are now Online!

We are pleased to announce that because of the hard work of Francesco Buccella and the generosity of the Sudbury Foundation that we are able to share with the world our collections digitally!

Find the link to our online collections on the Research tab or click here. Happy researching!their memory.

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Voices of Sudbury Podcast

Listen to our new podcasts, and join us as a guest on a future episode!

The podcast focuses on conversations between friends, family, and new acquaintances all sharing about their time in Sudbury. We feature a wide variety of participants, who have interesting and meaningful stories to share about life in the town we all love. A lifelong resident reflects on how the town has changed, and a LS senior will share their feelings about leaving their hometown for College next year. Former residents reflects on why they still hold Sudbury close in their memory.

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2023 Year in Review Newsletter