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Talking Tour of Sudbury Center

Welcome to the Society's audio tour of historic Sudbury Center. You can take the tour from the comfort of your own home or you can walk the audio tour.

The tour covers thirteen locations in Sudbury Center. Each location has an audio description and a presentation from a character associated with the site. Equipped with your mobile phone or tablet, you can walk the tour in about an hour and hear Sudburians past and present describe Town Center.

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The tour was written by Peggy Fredrickson, Martin Greenstein, Maria VonBrincken, Rachel Goodrich, Helen Marie Casey, Hal Cutler, Lee Swanson, and Tony Howes. The audio is presented by Betsey Cutler as Mary Loring, Maria VonBrincken and Rachel Goodrich as themselves, Diana Cebra as Florence Hosmer, Hal Cutler as Reverend Hurlbut, Joe Bausk as Forrest Bradshaw, George Connor as Capt. Moses Stone, John Drobinski as Charles Way, Terry Keeney as Lucius P. Bent, Peter Welsh as A.S. Hudson, Sally Hild as Sara Noyes, Lee Swanson as sexton, and Tony Howes as Resolve Haynes.

Contents of the Audio Tour