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Volunteer at SHS

The Society has many opportunities for volunteers. Some specific tasks we are looking for from new volunteers include:

  • Volunteering to manage the front desk/gift shop
  • Digital Engagement
    • Digitally photographing materials within the collection (Photographs, film items, etc.)
    • Adding digital components to our exhibits
    • Working on our podcast, Voices of Sudbury
  • Cataloguing collection items
  • Research
    • Information about collection objects for our database
    • Information for articles to be posted on our website or social media
    • Information for future exhibits
    • Adding to our reference files about Sudbury-related people, places, and topics
  • Programming
    • Assisting in running events and programs
    • Helping organize and plan events

Other projects more suited to experience can be worked out between staff and volunteers.

Next Steps

If you are interested in volunteering for the Sudbury Historical Society please fill out this form: Volunteer Form. Sending a resume to is also very helpful for us to be able to review qualifications and find the best project work that will work with your skill set. We will schedule a meeting to discuss availability and picking the right project.