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Driving Tour of Sudbury

Welcome to the Society's pictorial tour of Sudbury. You can take the tour from the comfort of your own home or you can drive the route and visit the locations.

This tour covers thirty five historic Sudbury sites throughout the town. The tour will take you about 3 hours with a mix of driving and walking.

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You can also use our printable version of the tour.

Printable version

The tour can also be found on Google Maps at Google Maps: Sudbury Tour.

The tour was originally written by Town Historian Curt Garfield for the Town of Sudbury. The following members of the Historical Society prepared this revised version of the tour:

  • Terry Keeney, research, photography, primary author
  • Lee Swanson, primary research
  • Dr. Tony Howes, research and editing
  • Chuck Zimmer, mapping
  • Margaret Fredrickson, Debbie Keeney and Bill Andreas, editing and production

If you have changes, corrections and suggestions on the tour, please email them to us at info@sudbury01776.org  (click here to launch email).

Contents of the Driving Tour