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7Town Common

This small grassy triangle of land is the oldest aspect of Sudbury Center. It's history is uncertain but it likely started as a "Meeting House Common" when the land for First Parish Church was set aside. Paths formed around it giving it it's current shape. Over time the paths became wide roads, then paved roads, but the small grassy triangle was preserved through the years.

Throughout the years it acted as a common meeting location and acting as a center for the town's public buildings. It is here on April 19th, 1775 the Sudbury Militia assembled before marching off to Concord to fight on the first day of the American Revolution. Sudbury sent more men into that battle than any other Middlesex town. The Sudbury Militia monument erected by the Sudbury Hisotrical Society in 1967 on the south side of the common celebrates Sudbury's important participation in the beginning of the Revolution.