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6Grinnell Park

Grinnell Park is home of the World War I monument that honors the one Sudbury man who died in the conflict and the other 31 Sudbury men who fount in the war. Their names are inscribed in bronze on the stone monument. The park is named for WW II Navy veteran and former Veterans agent Frank Grinnell.

The town approved erecting the monument in 1928 but it wasn't completed until 1937. It cost $3,514 and was paid in part with funds from the New Deal Works Progress Administration and in part with funds from the town. It was lovingly restored in 2015 and the surrounding land re-landscaped in 2016.

This land was originally occupied by the Parmenter-Garfield general store. In 1928 Henry Ford purchased the store and moved it to Route 20 where it is now the Wayside Inn General Store.