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9Grange Hall

The Sudbury Grange Hall #121, a wonderful example of a simple, yet graceful mid-nineteenth century building, stands to the left of the Town Hall opposite the town common. It was built in 1849 as the Center District School House, a simple one-story schoolhouse for grades one through four and was originally located across the street on the south east corner of the common. The two front doors (one for girls and one for boys) are original.

The school was moved to its present location between 1860 and 1864. At this time, the Town doubled the size of the school by raising the main structure and building a level below. This created a second classroom for grades five through eight.

The building’s use as a schoolhouse ended in 1889. At that time a building now called the Flynn Building (located on Old Sudbury Road) was built to serve as the new schoolhouse for all twelve grades. That building, with an addition, served as the Grammar/High School until 1954. The Sudbury Grange #121 purchased the building in 1891. For well over a century residents have gathered here for companionship, political discussion and education.

In 2006 the Grange sold the building to the Sudbury Foundation, a private foundation that works to transform lives and strengthen communities through grant making and scholarship programs in Sudbury and the surrounding communities. The Foundation totally restored and renovated the building after careful research to determine its original features and appearance. Two stories were added on the parking lot side to house an elevator, rest rooms and a kitchen. Now the Foundation has its offices downstairs, and other community groups have use of the upstairs meeting room.

Real Photo Postcard of the Grange Circa 1910