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Tour the Town's History

Welcome to the Society's tours of historic Sudbury. We have two tours of the town's history available — an audio tour of the town center and a pictorial tour of sites throughout the town. You can take these tours from the comfort of your own home or you can walk the audio tour around town center or drive the pictorial tour throughout the town.

The Talking Tour of Historic Sudbury Town Center

This tour covers thirteen locations in Sudbury Center. Each location has an audio description and a presentation from a character associated with the site. Equipped with your mobile phone or tablet, you can walk the tour in about an hour and hear Sudburians past and present describe Town Center.

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The tour was written by Peggy Fredrickson, Martin Greenstein, Maria VonBrincken, Rachel Goodrich, Helen Marie Casey, Hal Cutler, Lee Swanson, and Tony Howes. The audio is presented by Betsey Cutler as Mary Loring, Maria VonBrincken and Rachel Goodrich as themselves, Diana Cebra as Florence Hosmer, Hal Cutler as Reverend Hurlbut, Joe Bausk as Forrest Bradshaw, George Connor as Capt. Moses Stone, John Drobinski as Charles Way, Terry Keeney as Lucius P. Bent, Peter Welsh as A.S. Hudson, Sally Hild as Sara Noyes, Lee Swanson as sexton, and Tony Howes as Resolve Haynes.

The Pictorial Tour of Sudbury

This tour covers thirty five Historic Sudbury sites throughout the town. The tour will take you about 3 hours with a mix of driving and walking.

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You can also use our printable version of the tour.

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The tour can also be found on Google Maps at Google Maps: Sudbury Tour.

The tour was originally written by Town Historian Curt Garfield for the Town of Sudbury. The following members of the Historical Society prepared this revised version of the tour:

  • Terry Keeney, research, photography, primary author
  • Lee Swanson, primary research, Sudbury Historic Society Historian
  • Dr. Tony Howes, research and editing
  • Chuck Zimmer, mapping
  • Margaret Fredrickson, Debbie Keeney and Bill Andreas, editing and production

If you have changes, corrections and suggestions on the tour, please email them to us at  (click here to launch email).

Contents of the Audio Tour

1. Loring Parsonage


8. Town Hall

2. Heritage Park


9. Grange Hall

3. September 11th Memorial Garden


10. Presbyterian Church

4. The Hosmer House


11. Revolutionary War Cemetery

5. First Parish Meeting House


12. The Hearse House

6. Grinnell Park


13. Town Pound

7. Town Common


Contents of the Pictorial Tour

1. Native American Communal Grinding Stone


21. Wayside Inn Cider Mill

2. The North Cemetery in Wayland


22. Wayside Inn Grist Mill

3. Lydia Maria Child's House


23. David How Dam and Original Mill Site

4. Four Arch Bridge


24. Wayside Inn Boys School

5. Haynes Garrison House


25. Martha Mary Chapel

6. Ralph Adams Cram House and Chapel


26. Redstone School House

7. The Town Pound


27. Boston Post Road/Kings Highway

8. Revolutionary War Cemetery


28. Longfellow's Wayside Inn

9. Loring Parsonage


29. Ford's Carding Mill

10. The Hosmer House


30. Walker House

11. First Parish Meeting House


31. Wayside Inn Boys School Dormitory

12. Grange Hall


32. Walker Garrison House

13. Leonard Goulding House


33. Wayside Inn Railroad Waiting Room

14. Israel Howe Brown House


34. Pratt's (Stearn's) Mill

15. Wadsworth Cemetery


35. Babe Ruth House

16. Goodnow Library


17. Mill Village


18. Wayside Inn Gate House


19. Wayside Inn Barn


20. Wayside Inn Underpass


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